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Saratoga Springs, Utah August 4, 2009

Outsourced Online Marketing, Affiliate Management and Much More.
Over the years as we have helped put together lead gen companies, affiliate programs, PR campaigns etc. We have seen millions of clicks, billions of impressions and many sales, leads, and other inquiries pass through our tracking systems. We have watched programs grow quickly and some intentionally slow down as they latched on to other online methods of finding sales. If you have a product – we’d love to help you sell it online. We have received hundreds of calls from companies that just don’t know what to do first to get online! They are not sure if Facebook and Twitter will solve all their financial woes or if they need an affiliate program. If they do need an affiliate program they simply don’t know how, where or what to run in it. The biggest issue – most of these companies have already spent loads of money at failed attempts and now when they call us and others they are fearing that one line – okay the set up fee will be…..$…… They are done spending money and just want it to work!

Shazingo Media’s Offer to You
We’ll help you get online – We said we’ll help you because you will be doing much of the actual work and we'll help and guide you - for free. Sure we'd be happy to do it all for you for a fee - but, if you can't afford that - WE UNDERSTAND – we’ll work out custom plans just for you. Are you a one-man gig? No worries - we’ll still help you out and even teach you if necessary so that we can get your product in our network and bringing in not only traffic from online ads but from other sources of curious consumers as well. Come sit by us and work from our offices with us – whatever it takes you need to be online!

Overnight success – Maybe - but probably not.
We are not making any promises of overnight success. If you are willing to work hard and over time get your offer in front of the right people then you have a good chance of being successful. Your product is the true salesman. If its fraudulent, cheap, no good etc then its simply not going to work. But if you can sell us on your product – we love to try them all it and give our own testimonials – then you’ve won the first battle – to be successful online you either have to have a really good unique proposition or be a great liar – We choose to work with the first.

How do we do this for free ? We earn money when you sell.

We’ll be your number one affiliate and number one promoter. You must know this – there is no single right or wrong way to run any part of online marketing. You can set up an affiliate program in many ways – we’ll work with you to determine what is best and that may include several options. As far as getting some hype going about your product or service what is the answer? It could be a simple press release – perhaps its Twitter, maybe Youtube – there’s only one way to find out - put together a plan and go for it. There are millions of people out there – all of us trying hard to ‘go viral’ but only those who are truly worthy of viral will ever get there. I think I already have viral worthy companies in my new network – as a matter of fact I know I do – wait and see – or join us now and go viral with us.

Contact me today to discuss the options of getting your company online.

Mark Olsen

Shazingo Media will be at Affiliate Summit East In New York City August 9 – 11
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